AOVO®Bogist M5 Pro Electric Scooter 500W Motor, Pnoumatic Tires, 150 Kg Maximum Landing, Puncture-resistant tires


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Model: Bogist m5 pro

Housing: Aluminium alloy

Engine: 48 single drive at 500w

Battery: 48-ampere lithium

Adapter: Input 100-240w, output 546w/day

Brake: Brake block

Type: 12*20 pneumatic tire

Headlamp: Front and rear lights

Max landing: 150k

Max speed: 45 km/h

Max charging distance: 35~40km

charging time: Wally 8

Tilt motion:12 degrees

Size: 120*39*50 cm

Products weight: 25kg

19 reviews for AOVO®Bogist M5 Pro Electric Scooter 500W Motor, Pnoumatic Tires, 150 Kg Maximum Landing, Puncture-resistant tires

    Ben B
    November 2, 2022
    Overall I feel like this was a great value for the price I spent. When I bought mine they were €569.99 included shipping. It did take 1 weeks to get. There have been some revisions based on older advertisements and YouTube videos. The tires appear to be more like 'on road' tires compared to the older style that appear to be 'all terrain'. There is no longer a keyed switch. To power on the scooter there is simply a pushbutton. On the opposite side of the handlebar is a dedicated switch for the headlight. The most notable difference is the battery and controller case. Previous ads and tutorials on YouTube show where this can be opened and the controller/battery can be easily replaced. Now it looks like a sealed unit. I called their customer service to ask how the controller would be replaced and didn't get a response.
    November 2, 2022
    Strong, well made, fun. It won't go up a hill well (needs a boost from your legs) , but fast on level ground (~25 mph). I've never had an accident, but I would recommend wearing a helmet, it's fast and fun. I use to run our dog and go to the local grocery store. The basket is great. Really well made, folds easily, easy to get into trunk. I would recommend.
    November 2, 2022
    Bought for our teen who wanted more independence and mobility than a bicycle. Goes as fast as a brisk ride and has good distance. Easily zips around the neighborhood and along sidewalks and street shoulders. I often take it for a ride just for funsies. We tested the distance to battery comparison and rode nearly 2hrs around town and it still had some juice left. Handles gravel and sidewalk bumps without worry (felt no risk of crashing over bumps) though without shocks it rattles the rump a little. Definitely recommend for fairweather neighborhood joyriding and teens in a similar situation. I weigh around 170lbs and it zipped me around without struggling. The seat is reasonably comfortable and the brakes feel firm. The only thing I wish is if it was waterproof so my kid could ride it rain or shine. I bought a second charger so, if needs be, she can charge it at her destination as well as when parked in the garage.
    rodney burnett
    November 2, 2022
    I bought two these for tooling around the campgrounds. They fit easily inside my camper. They are lightweight. They have a basket to carry firewood or groceries. Top speed of 26 or so depending on the load. The battery is great for back and forth stuff but if you ride it at a high rate of speed or up and down hills or at night it drains the battery and shortens your range. With that being said, it's still a great deal at around €569.99.
    Nicholas Danaluk
    November 1, 2022
    The scooter specs are accurate. The 10" solid tires with suspension combine for an acceptably smooth ride over 8.5" solid tires, but are infinitely more reliable and zero maintenance compared to pneumatic ones. The 500w motor really pushes the scooter to 25mph on flat roads and leaves smaller 250-350w units in the dust. We performed an actual comparison. The range also leaves smaller units behind. The only advatages a lesser unit has are minor weight savings and somewhat slightly better handling on 8.5" tires thru a sharp 90* turn, but that is physics. The unit is well made and very easy to set up. The folding mechanism is an updated version of the average industry standard for consumer grade scooters. It works easily without the need to Hulk it. Buy with confidence. This is the best value in entry level adult scooters. The extra speed and range plus build quality lift it to the top.
    Jesus Diaz
    November 1, 2022
    After looking at many, I chose the I-Scooter Max. I weigh around 210 and this scooter is quite fast with the 500w motor. Distance per charge is around 40 miles after which it starts to slow . Simple and minimal assembly with tools provided(10 minutes tops) A few minor issues and have notified supplier and haven't heard back. Will update after I speak with them. This scooter is really a good one and happy I went with it. I recommend for adults. The app is very user friendly and took less than a minute to get into.
    November 1, 2022
    I've only had the scooter for a few days but I really like it so far. I upgraded from an entry level scooter and this is really well built and the motor is powerful and very quiet. The app works well and has several settings you can adjust. I really like the tires, they are the perfect density and the ride is very smooth with the added rear suspension. The battery seems to last forever and this has a tail light and flashing brake light. Compared to my last scooter this one is far better in every way. Will update in a couple months.
    Uyless J.
    November 1, 2022
    This is an awesome scooter. I had a problem with the ebrake. I contacted customer service and they were wonderful. They sent me another scooter with no problem. As for the scooter. I love it. I weight 210 pound. I get 19 miles out of one charge.the speed is great. I can get 18 mph on eco, and 21 mph on the speed setting. The dual shocks make the ride smooth on and off road. With 500 w motor powering this scooter. Hill aren’t a problem at all. The app tells you everything. I’ll recommend this to any adult . Too powerful for children under 15.
    AOVO®Bogist M5 Pro Electric Scooter 500W Motor, Pnoumatic Tires, 150 Kg Maximum Landing, Puncture-resistant tires photo review
    M. Walusek
    October 31, 2022
    This was purchased for a 220 lb man. It is used 5 days/week. We only need to recharge it every couple weeks. The wheels were hard the first few uses, but have broken in and provide a nice cushiness to the ride now. It manages to take some pretty steep grades very well. It has a regulator which allows you to set the top speed. It feels very secure both on acceleration and braking. Very happy with our purchase!
    Cobalt Captain
    October 31, 2022
    We recently purchased 2 of these scooters for use in our RV - one scooter did not work due to a software issue upon opening the box. Luce at customer service has been most helpful and they were very quick to send a replacement scooter and a free accessory due to the inconvenience. The scooters are powerful enough for adults, and ride well. Battery life seems to be as advertised as well. I also like that the scooter can be locked through a phone application when not in use. I would recommend this scooter for other adults.
    AOVO®Bogist M5 Pro Electric Scooter 500W Motor, Pnoumatic Tires, 150 Kg Maximum Landing, Puncture-resistant tires photo review
    October 31, 2022
    I highly recommend this scooter. It is a very good product. Fits all road surfaces in london. There were some problems when this product arrived. but they patiently responded to me. I am satisfied.
    October 31, 2022
    I ordered the Bogist m5 pro elelctric scooter. I weigh 114kgs so went for the more powerful model. This scooter is a beast which wheel spins in dual motor mode even with my weight. Suspension is very capable, lights are very bright, tyres are tubeless and would recommend putting tyre slime in to help prevent punctures as I wouldn’t want to push it back home.
    October 31, 2022
    Search a lot in the net and you cant find a better one for this price. I ride it two days I am happy, WOW, WOW! If you like a good e scooter for a person over 100kg do it. Fast, safe and good customer service. It takes time for delivery, nevertheless it is normal to wait of a e scooter this type. Pay it you make no mistake. It is safe to ride and fun as well. It is well build, I am so surprised with the everything. For me the best e scooter in the world.
    Ben Bloom
    October 27, 2022
    This scooter is so fast and so freaking badass. I ride this scooter 22 Mile everyday for work up until a week ago due to cold I'm in New Jersey it's all Hills and more Hills and more Hills and this thing eats them up like a fat kid sneaking candy. Into Summer Camp I switched out the handlebars for solid carbon fiber cuz the foldable or no bueno also much wider put on handguards for the woods street tires this is the best electric vehicle. I've ever owned I have seven scooters three bikes I sold my precious Ariel Rider d class because this thing blew it out of the water it was absolutely in Superior to this scooter the range on this thing is phenomenal there is no stopping it an eco mode I wind up in South Carolina absolutely superb the top speed full battery 51 all day average full speed on random battery 44 miles per hour like I say this scooter is absolutely amazing.ive owned since Leo August have 800 MI not one issue not a flat tires nothing absolutely best investment I ever had made if you're thinking about buying a scooter pay for the fastest shipping get the son of a b**** if you're anything under 155 lb like me you can buy one.
    Rob Majestic
    October 27, 2022
    Love this scooter, fast, lots of power, long range. It is the best I have seen anywhere. I bought mine in London and keep it. Thanks for making this pleasure machine.
    AOVO®Bogist M5 Pro Electric Scooter 500W Motor, Pnoumatic Tires, 150 Kg Maximum Landing, Puncture-resistant tires photo review
    Adam Morley
    October 27, 2022
    Seriously having a blast with my AOVO®Bogist M5 Pro. It arrived 12 business days after purchase. Be careful on 500W Motor mode, as there is an insane amount of torque. It gets up to speed in a heartbeat. In eco mode the speed is limited to 27 mph and you really can get the full range of the scooter. If you're pushing it to the max you will probably get 15-20 miles on a charge. Be sure to tighten every screw down before you ride it. This is my third e-scooter I've owned and should be the last.
    AOVO®Bogist M5 Pro Electric Scooter 500W Motor, Pnoumatic Tires, 150 Kg Maximum Landing, Puncture-resistant tires photo review
    October 27, 2022
    I received mine in 4days. So dam fast and amazing to ride with or without the Seay. Everyone will ask you where did u get that. NO PROBLEMS. Get yours.
    Frank pirri
    October 27, 2022
    This product is insane, terrifying and absolutly brilliant. It is extremly well made and robust. I got it yesterday and after its first full charge I took it on a run that I tried with my first scooter that it could not complete it due to battry life and hills 2 of which are realy steep. Once I figured out how to set hi -lo speed and single or twin motors It ate the the run with complete ease (93% battery left). Pulling away in hi speed single moter the back wheel actually wheelspins and in twin mode it wants to throw you off backwards. On the steepest hill I tackled a sustained 16% the scooter slowed to about 19MPH but got up it without stoping or splutering so i was impreesed.
    AOVO®Bogist M5 Pro Electric Scooter 500W Motor, Pnoumatic Tires, 150 Kg Maximum Landing, Puncture-resistant tires photo review
    September 25, 2022
    Thank you very much for a fast delivery and god quality of the Item( El Scooter Bogist m5 Pro). T have equipped it with same bags and basket. It sounds very NICE.
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