Replacement or Refund Statement:



  • 14 days refund guarantee

If the product has quality problems, Although AOVO has warehouses in the UK and Germany, in order to facilitate repairs, all our customers who need refunds need to send the statistics of the goods back to the AOVO German warehouse. The product can be returned within 14 days, which means that the product can be returned within 14 days after the customer receives the product. The premise is to ensure that the product can be sold again. If the damage is obvious, AOVO has the right to refuse a refund or provide a half-price refund. After the AOVO warehouse personnel confirm receipt of the returned product, the check will be correct, and the refund will be issued to the customer, so please be patient before sending the product back.

It may need 7 days to arrive our Germany warehouse after you shipped the products with problems back,  just need to wait patiently. then you will get your money back in 3 days after our warehouse staff confirm that you have sent your products with the problem back, all of the processing will need almost 10 days.

  • 30 days replacement guarantee

For customers who have used the product for more than 14 days but within 30 days after receiving the product, AOVO has the right to refuse a refund, but AOVO can accept exchanges. In other words, within 30 days, if the product has quality problems, the customer has the right to replace a new product, which is reasonable for the customer, The premise is that it must not be intentionally damaged

The specific replacement or refund process is as follows:

1. Contact AOVO customer service, through messenger, on Facebook, get the return slip:

2. After obtaining the return form, pack the product in question, make sure that there is no problem with the product accessories and packaging, and hand it to the logistics staff when the logistics staff arrives.

3. Wait patiently for one week. After the AOVO warehouse personnel confirm receipt of the goods, we will resend a new product to the customer or refund the customer.

  • 90 days repairs providing warranty

For customers who use it for more than 30 days and within 90 days, our company can provide maintenance services, that is, customers have the right to send back to AOVO German warehouse for repair. Just contact the AOVO staff, the contact method is, use messenger on Facebook, after our warehouse staff receives the product with a problem,  they will repair it, it is expected to be sent to the customer within 10 days. The repair time is estimated to be 10 days, and the transportation time is estimated to be 4-8 days. It takes 15-20 days in total.

  • 180 days accessories providing warranty

For customers who have used it for more than 90 days but not more than 180 days, AOVO can provide spare parts replacement services, except for batteries. As batteries are inevitable consumables, our company does not provide battery replacement services. And the shipping cost for battery replacement is too high. In other words, if your product has minor problems, such as broken mudguards, broken screws, loose faucets, etc., our company can cooperate with the maintenance

Return Address: Germany Warehouse(Please contact customer service before returning)

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